Another New Experience

I have written several stories here about some of the strange ways of this town but I believe this one tops them all.The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

After my wife and I had eaten lunch yesterday I mentioned I needed to go to the bank.My wife said she would like to ride along and get an expresso from the coffee bar at the casino.Since the bank and casino are only a block apart I parked in a public lot in between the two.I told my wife I would come and get her and we went in our seperate directions.It took me just five minutes in the bank and I walked the block to the casino.Going to the coffee bar my wife was just paying for her drink.Thinking that the timing had worked out perfectly I figured we would be back home in just a few minutes.Little did I suspect what was about to happen.

As we started for the door Jane a casino employee stopped my wife to say hello.I was introduced and the ladies were chatting about things when Jane brought this story up.

Jane apparently works an afternoon shift as a rule but was working days this week as a favor to a co-worker.When she had left for work that morning Jane's mother had asked her to pick up a prescription for her at the pharmacy two blocks away.Although Jane's mother can drive and get around on her own it would save her a forty mile round trip if Jane would bring her the prescription.

Thinking she would go on her lunch break Jane walked the two blocks to the pharmacy.Going up to the counter she explained to the pharmisist she was there to pick up a presription for her mother.They asked for a name and Jane said Vera Jones.Doing a search in the computer no prescription was found.Jane thinking she must have misunderstood which pharmacy she was supposed to go to calls her mother.While talking with her mother and with the pharmisist standing there listening it comes out the prescription is for her mothers cat!Everything is listed in the computer under the cat's name!

I imagine about now some of you are thinking well what's the big deal I get medicine for my animals at the drug store all the time.Well it's anew one on me and this story is still not over.

Thinking everything is now settled and all she need do is pay for the medicine Jane thinks she will have plenty of time to get back to work when a new curve is thrown at her.Unless she can provide a birthday for the cat she cannot have the medicine.State law here requires that information be provided.Another round of phone calls and another fifteen minutes goes by before all is finally well.

As I have stated here I have never heard of using a pharmacy to get drugs for a pet and having to provide a birthday for one is really over the limit.I would like to hear from any of you whomay have had a similar experience because it sure was a new one on me.  


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I used to have a cat who needed thyroid medication. I found out that if I bought her meds from a human pharmacy, it would be cheaper. Then I found out that there is a pharmacy in town that formulates medicine- instead of poking a pill down a sick elderly cat, I could rub a little salve behind her ear and everyone would be happy. So that is what I did for over a year: I went to a human pharmacy and bought cat medicine. And my wallet was also delighted. When you love somebody, you do what you got to do.

ROFL! My question is: Can they claim this Cat on TAXES??!!

Crazy! Many people get animals from rescue shelters and don't know the birthdate. I guess in US the shelters give animals an official birthdate. In UK you get medicines for animals direct from the vet, as part of treatment - not from the pharmacy.