From Ny to Ca

For my first 35 years of life I lived within 35 miles of the place I was born.  For 34 years I lived in Suffolk County and for 24 years I lived in the same home.  I never planned to stay so close to home.  As a child/teen I dreamed of coming to California - I thought I was misplaced in NY and wanted to call San Francisco or Berkeley home.

In my mid-30's, after 9 years in the same job (a dream job I hadn't expected to get when I was so young) I was desperate for a change and when I was offered a different dream job in Oakland, I jumped on it.

Now, as I approach the end of my 1st year in the Bay Area, I know I found my true home.  The job is amazing and challenging and spiritually I feel a resonance I've never known in any city.

That's not to say there aren't days when I long for the familiar... when I miss my friends and the daily routine of life... when I wish I knew the backroads like the back of my hand... but even in the worst of the homesickness, I know this was the right  move, at the right time, to the right place and for all the right reasons.

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1 Response Nov 10, 2006

But USA still has job opportunities than Canada, I can vouch for that. Apart from being in the military, I do several other jobs part time, which fetches extra coins into my wallet. I have also linked several of my colleagues. It's not an opportunity of my position or luck, because I wonder why most people say they're looking for a job, it's everywhere or you create one for yourself. Most of those part time jobs that I have ever done didn't require my experience or much skills, and some of them fetch over 10k monthly, it's just a matter of you asking and getting connected instead of doing things all by yourself, life becomes harder when you don't share your problems, so you don't get any helping hand. I am not a good samaritan, but I love helping people a lot, advises doesn't kill, you can accept to use it or ignore it, but you ask to know more and no knowledge is a waste. I don't visit EP much often because some of the discussions I join gets very boring. But I do welcome serious minded people with good opinions, to discussing whatever issue burdening on their minds, I'm a free and open person. Capt. Lewin Becks.