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I wrote a story here Saturday about a parade I watched in this town.It was such a bizzare experience I began thinking about some of the things I have seen and heard here.This will be that story.

I am in a small town in the west.The people here are generally outgoing and friendly but some of the things that go on here make me wonder if the people here have escaped from an asylum.

There are four casinos here and the two in the downtown area are owned by one company.They operate a program where college students are brought from foriegn countries to work in the casinos for a few months.Last summer there was a group of students here from Thailand.Very pleasant people.However their mastery of the English language was not so good.The casinos you would think would have given them jobs as maids or janitors,at least something behind the scenes.No way they were cocktail waitressess,bartenders and change people.I once ordered a beer and gave the waitress a twenty dollar bill she gave me fifty-seven dollars in change back.I did get the bar manager and straightened things out but I could not understand why they would put these people in these jobs.

Another example of the way people do things here is a man I know who owns a vending route.He has a large territory to cover which includes approximately a fifty mile radius.Seeing him at the bar one afternoon I asked if he had had a short day.He said no he hadn't made many deliveries that day but he had to be at the bar at that time for the fifty dollar weekly drawing.What's more his wife is a school teacher and she left class so she could be there.

The two examples I have given above however are nothing compared to the winter time ritual I will now reveal.The area I am in receives some heavy snows in the winter and as in most places the city plows the streets.However not as you might think to the side of the street but it is pushed into the middle.This can create some rather strange traffic situations and virtually eliminates left turns for a while.The city's explanation for this is it is more cost effective to plow that way and they can reach more streets in less time.I doubt if the people whose house burned because the fire department could not reach them in time are going along with that thought process.  

I could give you more examples of the bizarre way things are done here and I may write a second story later but I'm sure you all want to rest now. 

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