The Town II

After attending a bizarre parade in this town Saturday I began to think about some of the crazy things that go on here.I wrote the story of the parade and added a second story about the town this will be the third installment.

The town I am currently in has been my home for nearly a year now.It is a properous place and unemployment is almost zero.Yet as in every town in America it has it's homeless.It is almost a rite of spring I am told when the TV man shows up in the city park.Believe it or not this man shows up around the middle of April every year pushing a shopping cart with a large TV in it.He sits in the park and plugs his TV into an outlet on the side of a utility building.Apparently he doesn't care if the TV shows anything or not just turns it on and sits looking at it.

Another custom that is observed here is traffic actually stops for pedestrians.They must be in a crosswalk but even on the four lane street here all four lanes will stop and let you cross.You are probably saying now so what that's a good thing.I would agree with you except on one point.They actually have a crosswalk with a light and button for pedestrians to use on an entrance ramp to the interstate highway.It is not aligned with the sidewalk you have to walk down the ramp a good thirty feet to get to it and once you cross back up thirty feet on the other side.

I would like to tell you now about a store here.The lady that runs the store is a very very nice Mormon lady and happens to be a friend of my lady.I knew of the place from my girl mentioning she had stopped there to see her friend,and I understood that it was a store that sold supplies to people who were into scrapbooking.I had never been in the store until one Saturday about two months ago.My girl said to me when we were out shopping that she wanted to stop a pick up a gift for a friends birthday.I parked on the street right in front of the store and we went in.I was stunned there were religious items stacked with books and circus posters on the walls.Rock music was coming from a set of speakers behind the cash register.My girl introduced me to the lady who owns the place and we talked for a couple of minutes.Another customer walked up and asked the owner for some help reaching the shoes.Shoes!Yes the place I found also sold shoes and Hickory Farms products.I was afraid to look around any further not knowing what else might be in there.

I'm going to stop here as I'm sure you have more than enough information about the town.If any of you would like to hear more just say so there's plenty more here to write about.

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