The Town III

This will be another tale of some of the strange things that go on in the town I am currently living.

Simply getting to this town is not easy and trying to get out is harder still.If you are driving here the place is on the interstate highway but it is at least two hundred and fifty miles from any city of any size.Should you attempt to get here by plane you are in for a journey worthy of the pioneers who settled here.To my knowledge there is only one city that has a flight that comes directly here,so no matter where you start you are going to make a connection from that city.Once on that plane you certainly need calm nerves.The only scheduled flights are all two engine propeller driven planes that must cross several mountains to get here.Just to add to the excitement the control tower at the airport was closed last year and I am not sure how the planes are guided in but the city decided it was too expensive to operate the tower.

Now that you have arrived here and I'm sure kissed the ground,you enter the terminal building.I have seen and been in larger barns on some farms than this building but at least you won't get lost.In case you are hungry and would like to get a bite to eat while waiting to be picked up,I would suggest starvation as an alternative.Though the town is surrounded by large cattle and sheep ranches the only restaraunt at the airport is a sushi bar.It is only open between 11:00 and 3:00 conveniently when no flights are scheduled.

I am sure at this point you are thinking get me out of this asylum.Well you might experience a problem there if you are intending to go further west.There are no flights going west.You have to fly the two hundred and fifty miles back from where you came if you want to continue west.This is also conveniently located in another time zone to add to your traveling pleasure.This also holds true if you are coming from the west.You have to overfly the town and then fly back from the one place that sends the small planes here.It certainly does discourage your relatives and family or friends from visiting.

Well there you have another installment of fun in the town.


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1 Response May 11, 2007

Movie writers should come to you for ideas! Instead of Ma and Pa Kettle coming to town, the town should be called KETTLE!!