The Town IV

This will be another story of some of the happenings in the town I am currently living.

In the park here in this city a bizzare ritual is played out virtually every Saturday of the year.Around 11:00 a.m. people begin to gather.Teens,babes in strollers,grown men and women from all walks of life.You might think so what it's Saturday people usually are in the park.Well I have been a few places in my time but never witnessed anything like this.These people dress in middle age garb and carry swords,battle axes,poles and bows and arrows made of foam or plastic and proceed to spend all day playing war.

I'll never forget the first time I saw this and thought what the hell is going on.Late last summer not thinking I stopped in the park to eat a sandwich.I sat on a bench and was surrounded by these middle age warriors.Forsooth knave would ye care to do battle with us.All I wanted to do was get the heck out of there so I told them no thanks I forgot my whiffle ball bat.

I make sure my wife and I stay away from that park on Saturdays and if she wants to get out and picnic or go anywhere I make sure we find another spot.Some town. 

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51-55, M
May 22, 2007