The Town V

Here is another installment of the crazy happenings in the town I am currently living.

When I first came to this town about a year ago I had to ask about the banking situation.I found the bank that I had done business with for years had a branch here.Thinking this would make it easy for me to do business I went to the bank one morning.I quickly found out how wrong I was.A lady took me to her small office and asked how she could help me.I showed her my bank card and explained I would like to transfer my account to their branch while I was working here.The fun would now begin.

Oh my she said I've never handled anything like that let me get someone who can help you.Back she came with a little man who listened to my request and said he would have to get the high hokeefenokee or whatever to approve that.I was beginning to get a little aggravated when in came another man to whom I had to explain for the third time what I wanted to do.Certainly sir we'll be glad to set that up for you.At last I thought I was getting some place.Oh how wrong I was again.In this age of computers and instant communication you would have thought it would have been a simple matter of using the computer to transfer all the necessary information.I sat stewing while Mr. muciktymuck called my branch of the bank in Texas.He must have spoken to at least six different people.When he hung the phone up he smiled at me and said well now all we need do is wait for a fax.We waited another ten minutes me getting madder all the time when the fax finally spit out some paper.The gooberhead beamed and said we're all set now.Thinking I had solved my problem I left.

My bank acount may have been set and I had money I could access and I thought could make deposits and withdrawls but once again I was mistaken.The particular branch of the bank I was in is in downtown.It is only open 9-5 Monday through Friday.Since these were working hours for me if I needed to do any banking I would have to go the satellite office Saturday morning.Of course this office is on the other end of town.Just to add to the convenience of this fine institution the drive up is not open and you must go in.Apparently a great deal of thought had been put in to slowing down any transactions as there seemed to be a maximum of two tellers allowed to serve people but there would be someone passing out cookies and at least one other person to harass people in line about the other fine services of the bank,even though none of them were avaliable at that office only the one downtown that was closed that day.

At this point you might think I would have figured out how to play this game but the fun had really only gotten started.In this town only an idiot would cash a paycheck at the bank.You go to one of the casinos where you are given a ticket for a free drink a scratch off card and a chance in the monthly drawing.Since this seems to be an area of competition between the casinos you have to watch closely which one is offering what at any given time.Then you take your money and go to the bank where the fun starts all over again.

Well there you have it folks one more installment of the fun we are having here.   

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