The Town VI

Another story here about the behavior in this town.

Having written several stories about people and some of the customs of this town I want to share with you another tale.This one concerns a dog that lives in our neighborhood.

It seems most everyone here has at least one dog and many people have several.Apparently the behavior of their masters has rubbed off onto the canine population.

Recently we have been experiencing some beautiful spring weather here and my wife and I have been sitting outside after supper.One evening about two weeks ago we saw a black lab trotting down the sidewalk.We had seen the dog in the neighborhood before but did not know who he belonged to.As we watched he stopped and looked at us from the sidewalk,he seemed to smile and trotted up to where we were sitting.Wagging his tail he came right up and layed his head in my wife's lap.I had tried this approach with women in the past and it never seemed to work for me but my wife petted and scratched the dog.He then turned to me and made a huffing sound in the back of his throat and raised his right paw.I patted him and told him we didn't have anything for him.The dog backed up and sat looking at us with a pleading look on his face and we both said no.I told him to go on home.He sat for a minute then turned to go.After a couple of steps he turned back shook his head and sneezed as though disgusted and trotted off.We laughed about it and thought no more of it.

Last Friday evening we were again sitting outside and here came old Mr. black dog walking down the street.He saw us and speeded up his pace coming across the yard.When he was about ten feet away I saw he had something in his mouth.With a look of pride on his face he dropped a small bone in between my wife's chair and mine.He pawed at the bone gave two sneezes and ran off down the street.

We laughed for fifteen minutes it was hysterical that dog felt we needed that bone more than he did.I can't wait for another visit from him to see what's next.   


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1 Response May 29, 2007

ROFL! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks??!!!