The Town VII

One more in this ongoing series about my wacky adopted town.

The episode here is not one that I had known about but was told to me by my wife.

Sometime during the 1980's the town had been reached by the interstate highway system and the city fathers decided that the railroad tracks needed to be moved from the middle of town to the edge of the river.Now the river that runs through here isn't much and rarely threatens anything even if it does rise above flood stage.However in the name of progress and with all the changes taking place the wise men of the city decided a flood wall needed to be built.All of this may seem like a good idea but that is not how it turned out.

As constuction began on the floodwall it was decided to put new storm drains into the downtown area to run directly into the river.Once again all seems well.

This is in fact what happened.A mile and half long ten foot high wall was constructed to protect the warehouses,junk yards and ready mix plants adjacent to the river.The river either simply ran around the east end of the wall or seeped up into downtown through the new storm drains.Just to make the whole story complete the side of town that has no wall or storm drains stays high and dry.

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