The Town VIII

Since I have had several comments on my series of stories about this town I thought another installment might be fun.

This town was founded as a result of the transcontinental railroad being built in the late 1860's.It has grown from west to east and is still strung along the original route of the tracks.

What I have been trying to understand is who came up with the street naming and numbering system.There is no 1st or 2nd street the numbers begin with 3rd.Then when you come to 6th on one side of the main drag through town it's 6th and the other is someones name.7th through 14th are all in fine order but after 14th the numbers stop and streets are named again.That would be fine but if you go another mile or so suddenly there is 30th.What the heck happened to 15th through 29th?

Another custom here is the neigborhood called the tree streets.All the street names are tree names.People will say I live in the tree streets.Now I personally live in that part of town but cannot claim to live in the tree streets as the house faces 6th which had been some named street three blocks away.Well go figure.

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1 Response Jun 6, 2007

I like your stories! It reminds me of that one movie with Chevy Chase... can't remember the name.... also it reminds me of my first impression of this area when I first moved here! Looking forward to more installments! (^_^)