The Town Ix Mr. Black Dog

I have written several stories here about the town I am currently living in.One of these stories was about a very sociable dog who lives in our neighborhood.This story is about that same dog.

Almost two weeks ago on a Friday evening my wife decided to grill to grill some t-bone steaks and bake some potatoes outside.It was very hot here at the time and we were going to eat inside.After fixing our meal she brought things inside and we ate.While we were cleaning up an idea struck me.Since we had a few scraps and a couple of t-bones I asked for a paper plate to put them on.She asked why and I explained I was going to leave them out and see if black dog would visit.

Now I have another story here about this dog and at the time I was hoping to gain another experience to write about.I did not expect that things would turn out as they did.

I put the scraps and bones on a paper plate and set them on the front porch.My wife said you know there could be anything come get that.I know I told her but I wanted to see what happened.Since it was so hot out we had the house closed up and the air conditioner running.We watched TV and read for the rest of the evening.About ten I went to take a bath and when I came out of the bathroom wearing just a robe I heard a dog bark.I opened the door and there was our friend Mr. black dog.He wagged his tail and barked his thanks at me,picked up his bones and trotted down the street.My wife had come to see what was going on just in time to see him pick up the bones and we laughed and watched him trot off.

We have since had another barbecue and Mr. black dog came and checked on it.It's hilarious what this dog does. I hope you have enjoyed my story.  

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1 Response Aug 8, 2007

I have a feeling Mr. Black Dog is going to become a very REGULAR B-B-Q gathering guest! lol.