The Town X Another Black Dog Story

When I first came to this town a little over a year ago I did not expect to see anything much different than what I had experienced in places I had been before.

However I have run into some things here that have made me think,while I have thought I had seen and done every thing,black dog along with a few other things has changed my mind.

 One day last week my new wife and I were out in the yard and we heard a dog bark.We looked that way and we saw Mr. black dog playing with some small children a few houses up the street.My wife and I watched as a small boy and little girl were playing with the dog.

We watched as black dog had a stick in his mouth and he romped around sometimes stopping to chew on the stick and somtimes offering it to the boy.The little girl was trying to pet the dog and the dog finally dropped the stick appreciating the attention.The boy then ran to pick up the stick and black dog then grabbed the stick and began romping around.The dog offered the stick to the boy,but whe he tried to take it the dog would shake his head,as if to say it was his.The little girl came over to pet the dog again and black dog threw his head with the stick flying off.It was though the boy understood and he ran and got the stick.Black dog stood and waited and sure enough the boy threw the stick.Black dog ran and got the stick and brought it back.He dropped it at the boys feet and sat waiting.Both children went to pet the dog but the dog grabbed the stick and went to a corner of the yard.He again dropped the stick and sat wagging his tail. The boy ran over and grabbed the stick and threw it.Black dog ran and got it.He dropped the stick barked at the children,picked the stick up and went trotting up the street.

Though this had taken less than five minutes my wife and I laughed and decided that maybe dogs had things to teach people and not the other way around.      

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The Old Dog teaching kids new tricks??!! ;)