The Town Xi:another Black Dog Tail

I wanted to get this story in today while it is fresh in my mind.

This morning my wife and I were having coffee and she said let's have some french toast for breakfast.I happily agreed and followed her into the kitchen.She was getting things set up and I went to open the back door as it was fairly warm this morning.I refilled our coffee cups and put plates on the table,I sat back down with my back to the door.As my wife started on the toast she asked if I wanted an egg too.I told her no so she said well how about we eat up the ham with the toast.Great darlin'.As breakfast was cooking I heard a noise outside.I turned and there sat our friend Mr. black dog.

I said "hey babe we got a guest for breakfast."My wife walked over to the door and asked black dog if he would like an egg.He wagged his tail and bounced up and down.I got a paper plate and speared a piece of french toast as my wife fried an extra egg.She put the egg on the plate with the toast and I walked over to the door.Black dog jumped around in a circle and I set the plate down.I expected him to gulp the food down instead he looked up at me and turned his head as if to say is that all.I called in to my wife,asking her if we had a dab of ham to round out our guest's breakfast.She brought a small piece out and put it on the plate.Black dog ran up gave a happy yelp and swallowed the food in two gulps.He licked the plate to get every crumb.We went back in the house and sat down to our breakfast laughing.

We cleaned up after breakfast and I forgot all about the paper plate outside.We had to leave about an hour later and as we headed out the door I noticed the plate and started to walk over and pick it up.Black dog came running up snatched  the plate turned and waved his paw at my wife and took off.

That dog is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.It's too bad winter is coming on and we'll not have as much opportunity to see him.

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1 Response Sep 28, 2007

We used to have a dog that would visit us for 2 or 3 days then leave - he came back for years and years - we called him Freddy the Freeloader. He was such a nice gentleman dog. I read a story about a dog who used to visit neighbors just to take a rest from his kids who demanded a lot of attention and play. Mox