Black Dog Again

I have put several stories here about this town and many have been about a black dog in our neighborhood.

This evening my wife and I had been sitting outside enjoying the last of the nice weather.We were talking about our upcoming vacation.Suddenly from around the side of the house black dog came running.He seemed excited about something and sniffed around as though looking for something.After a minute or two he went to my wifes chair wagging his tail and looking at her with an expectant look on his face.At this time a man came walking across the yard calling the dog.

He came into the yard apologizing for his dog's behavior.We laughed and told him we looked forward to black dogs visits.

The man introduced himself as Tom Pulaski and said he and his wife had had black dog since he was a pup.He told us that he had never seen a dog as crazy as black dog.He proceded to tell us that from the time they had gotten the dog that he had taught them something new almost every day.Black dog did not like being in the house,he did not want to be in his own yard and was not territorial like most dogs.It seems from what we were being told that black dog would either dig out,learn how to open a gate,and on one occasion found a way to jump a fence.He loved children,playing with other dogs,liked cats,and would stop and visit with anyone that would give him a snack or scratch his ears.

Apparently he stayed with his master only because he and his wife had learned to put up with him.Black dog knew exactly when people were leaving to go to work or if they were going to do something else.His master told us if they used the word lake he would run to jump in the truck but if he heard store or work,or later he would try to hide.He told us black dog would not accept walking on a leash but loved to go with he and his wife if he could walk along.

It seems to me that a lot of people could learn a lot from black dog.There is an honesty and a quality about black dog that many of us need to imitate.

I hope I have been able to learn my lesson from black dog and always look forward to his visits. 

traveler traveler
51-55, M
Oct 4, 2007