A Yank In The South

I met my husband when we were both in the military. He had two kids and an ex-wife back in his home town. I fell in love almost instantly. We got pregnant, and got married. Life was wonderful. Then he started to get distant, he pulled away, and later I found out there was another woman. I moved back to my hometown, where we worked it out over the distance. When his enlistment was over he moved to my hometown, basically because we had no other plan. We spent a year there trying to get established to no avail. We missed his kids, and his ex wife wasn't setting a very good example, running through boyfriends like underwear. So we decided to move, we had nothing to lose. It's worked out well for us. We finally have our own house and we get to see his kids all the time. However, I still feel resentful a lot of the time. Not towards him, but towards his family, and his mother in particular. I disagree with her on pretty much everything, and she's always trying to "save" us. I'm not Christian, and I won't raise my kids to be. (oh I had another one soon after we moved here lol) My mother is wonderful and let us live with her for a year while we were trying to get back on our feet. His mother offered her daughter's one bedroom apartment to us, and told my sister-n-law that we couldn't live with her (even though she had the space) because she "wouldn't watch the kids while we went out drinking." Interestingly enough she's now always asking if she can keep my two year old over night because she wants to take him to church. I still think we made the right decision, but it's hard at times, with no family and no friends near by.
VioletRose85 VioletRose85
22-25, F
Dec 21, 2010