Another Yank In The South

We moved here in Feb. 2008, my husband found a job in a month, i have not, and am still not working. The unemployment rate is very high here and i have no vehicle. He has had 3 diffrerent(crummy, low wage) jobs and i am still unemployed.  we live in a rural area, where the nearest anything is 2 1/2 mi. away, and i'm not big on walking that far... i am sooo miserable and isolated, when it's nice outside i like to garden and take care of the yard now it is winter and this has been the worst winter here so far.
at least in the nice weather if a neighbor is outside we talk for 4,5 min. most of the people are retired and are busier than working people!  Another neighbor is a chatter box who can easily talk for an hour, he's full of it, always cries about havin no money(he receives an unemployment check at least!), and wants to borrow tools or money. Now i know i said i was isolated but this guy and occasionally his girlfriend are moochers and i don't trust them to even invite them in.  i love my husband we couldn't afford living in NY, but i think he made a rash dicision to move here w/o a decent job. 
I am over 600 mile away from my family , broke, lonely and losing hope by the minute, when i try to express this to him, most times he shouts at me and doesn't want to hear it. i think he also has regrets but doesn't share that with me he just yells ALOT.   I had such high hopes for what was gonna b the next chapter of our lives, this has reinforced my belief of never getting excited about ANYTHING.  I am soo lonely and in need of something to do to bring in money and have some kind of contact or possibly make a real friend. I know why i moved but i am not happy and have to admit it.  
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How are you now? I am in a similar situation. We moved for my husbands job. He is doing very well, while I gave up a career and toil for minimum wage. We left alot of friends. Now it's just us and I'm pregnant. We are starting to make friends but it is slow going. We fight more often than we'd like and are becoming miserable to each other. We aren't as interested in sex because of this. Are you still in the south? have things improved, gotten worse or changed?

I feel for you. Hang in there. I hope you can get some wheels so at least you'll be able to travel within your local area and find some genuine and supportive friends.

You poor thing. Use this as an outlet to get some of the junk out of your soul, if it builds up and goes un-exercised for too long, it will began to change you fundamentally. Goodness knows it's hard to get yourself back after that, so please, write to your hearts content.