We Have Moved Many, Many Times ...

We have moved many times - we have actually lived in two of the cities twice  :)

My hubby began his career in retail management and I remember being so scared to think of living away from my parents and all of my extended family - I couldn't even imagine not participating in all of the birthday parties, bridal showers, etc. that all seem so small now.  I still miss not being there for those things sometimes, but they have been replaced with so many wonderful memories of our own, friends that I would have never met, places I would have never seen ...

In 17 wonderful years, we have moved 11 times.  That does not count the 3 moves within the one city (Owosso, MI).  We have had some crazy stories along the way and some very good times.  And I could go on and on and tell you about all of them; I just know I would never trade them for anything.  I'm still ready for more.

legalsexy legalsexy
36-40, F
Feb 11, 2008