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I follow my hubby everywhere since hes in the army. In the past year I gone to Missouri & Georgia. And moved from Florida to Texas to yes there has been lost of ups & downs,but to be honest, I wouldn't change a thing about my life.I love my husband and would follow him anywhere in the whole world :)
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awhh thanks (: well I'm defiantly not an expert about being an army wife,I'm still trying to get used to it lol but I can tell you some things about it.being an army wife is really hard but there are a lot of positive things that go along with it though.try to treasure your time with your hubby while you can because his job will always come first as much as it sucks.while your husbands gone,I recommend trying to stay will make the time go by ready to have no real roots,being apart of the military,your going to end up moving a lot.but its fun seeing different places & meeting new people if you like to travel.when or if he ever gets deployed,try not to complain how your bad day,try to be positive on the phone while hes don't want your hubby worrying about something back home and end up getting injured or someone else injured. but you seem like a really sweet nice girl so I have a feeling you'll be a wonderful army wife(: if you have an other questions,Ill be happy to try to help.we gotta stick together :)

I love this post because I'm a new army wife and there's alot I'm scared about as far as meeting new people and leaving everything I know behind . My husband is stationed in ft. Riley Kansas so once I get the rest of my paperwork I will move with him in a couple of weeks , so I figured using this site to connect with ladies that know what im going through might help. I don't want to sound like a bother but is there any advice you could give a new addition to the army wives? I'd greatly appreciate it also good luck to you and your hubby I know being an army wife is tough but we have to stick together lol abd be strong best wishes take care :)