Lonely And In Despaire

well hes nt my husband but partner. i was just 18 and moved away 300 miles from home, i love my family so much but my bf now fiancee would not move to me so i had no other option (what do you do when your in love) i get so lonely here and ive had a few bad experiences since ive been here. my bf ignores me all the time and sex well well im nt enough for him because after he goes down stairs logs onto the computer and i dont see him then untilll the morning, i dont know why is it me maby im not good i dont know but it is really giving me a complex i dont really want to be here anymore :*(
ailsa1989 ailsa1989
1 Response Jan 19, 2012

Dear Ailsa1989, go home to your family. You can count yourself lucky that you can see this behaviour at such a young age. Go home... forget this regular guy... get your life back and don't be so romantically idealistic. The patterns for see now will not change. If you tell him your are going home/ leaving him/ he might make promises about this and that... forget it... go home and rebuild your life. You are too convenient.