New To Nas Pensacola, Anyone Else Around?

I am a new Marine wife, and I have just moved to NAS Pensacola. Im originally from Washington and such a long ways from home. I hate that i dont know anyone here. Its really hard to meet people. I dont have any pets or kids so I am lonely most of the time. I live in a house by myself and my husband lives on base in the barracks. we dont get to see each other that often. And most of the time i am by myself with nothing but netflix to watch. I have applied for jobs but havent gotten any call backs yet. I am looking into volunteering at a near by animal shelter, and get into my hobby as much as i can. Although there are some set backs to being here, I am really greatful to be close to my husband and even being able to see him at all! and thankfully he isnt deployed! Is there anyone here that also is at NAS that can meet up or hang out? Or anyone else going through the same situation?
thuyvi0103 thuyvi0103
Oct 18, 2012