Military Wife

My husband is in the Air Force.  We were suppose to get married in April of this year; however, he got orders to be stationed in Montana in November, so it was either forget the wedding, get married and move away or stay in arkansas while my husband moved to montana.  I did what I felt was best.  I forfeited our wedding, went to the justice of the peace and moved with my husband.  I don't regret being with my husband, I just hate the fact that we didn't get to have a wedding and honeymoon like we had planned.  It is hard being military.  I had to give up a lot.  I quit college also.  That was hard as well, but I guess it is all worth it in the end.

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1 Response May 29, 2007

I admire your bravery and self-sacrificing nature, and I so hope that you get to have that big celebration of your love one day, even if it wasn't your wedding. <br />
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It's funny it was Montana; my boyfriend is Canadian, and one of the things I'm considering between now and the eventual goal of immigrating to be with him and marry him is to move from my current home in North Carolina to Montana, which would leave me a 3-5 hour drive from him... Which, needless to say, is a lot better then we're doing now when we only see each other every couple months or so.<br />
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I'm so scared! And I thought I was worried about the prospect of moving to another country - but Montana? I don't know I could move somewhere where I don't know anybody in a 1000 mile radius. Do you like Montana? :X