To the Final Frontier

Hi everyone! I want to share my experience with you.

4 years ago I met my husband in my home country, we got married and we moved to his country (USA). I left everything and "we jumped into the final frontier!" (yeah, like the song!)

I was a very successful professional in my country, I got a bachelors degree and I spoke several languages... At that time, it seemed to me that I could achieve all my goals!!!

Because of the immigration status, for an entire year I couldn' t work, study, travel abroad and not even drive !!! So I was confined to a little efficiency, because that was the only thing we could afford.

I had a looooot of time for myself...  Unfortunately, too much time!!! So I started to think over and over about my life, and being lonely all the time was not helping me at all. I started getting depressed, gaining weight, wearing pajamas all day long...  At one point I was even afraid of getting out of my house. FOR REAL!!! 

I don't wish this to anyone! I had a lot of pressure over my shoulders: the lack of money, the Cultural shock, the desire of becoming a mother and couldn't afford it, null professional life, no friends to speak with and share my feelings... and specially missing my family desperately.

My husband is a wonderful man. Supportive and caring. I love him!!! His family, gorgeous! I am not complaining of that at all, I am blessed! But you know, sometimes I want to talk and listen to other people!!! I wish I had friends! I wish I had a job (by the way I am looking forward to get one soon!!!). Because I want to feel useful, and specially I want to feel part of the comunity.

Sometimes I feel depressed, I am trying to be the person I used to be 4 years ago. Happy, full of joy and dreams, positive.

I joined this group because I know that I am not the only one who feels that everybody is changing but us. I feel stuck!!!


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1 Response Aug 20, 2008

Thanks Destiney24, you've got a friend in me too