To Here to There to Where?

well hum i have moved a lot in the past year or so... to me it was worth it. i loved him and i will go to the end of the earth for him...first i started in houston... and i stay there for a few months... then i moved to killeen to met his cousin and go up to vegas with her to get to him. well we went to vegas and ended up living in temple az. and stayed there for a few months till my house burn to the floor. and that sucked. then... i moved to vegas and lived with keith for a bit which was cool for a while.. then it sucked but then he went full time in the army and we moved to killeen where i had came from lol and now he is depolyed. and i moved back to houston so it was like a big circle. lol but when he gets back i plan on moveing again :)) lol hahaha its awesone.  i love him!

rockinkandy rockinkandy
18-21, F
Oct 9, 2008