Not As Easy As I Thought

My husband had originally been in the Marines several years ago. But he had to be discharged due to an injury. For as long as I've known him, all I ever heard was how much he loved and missed being in the military. So, being the supporting, loveing, wife that I helped him decide to re-inlist.....So here we are 2 years year later, and we just moved to Maryland. He got stationed in Bethesda. It wasn't easy to move the kids and myself away from all our family friends, but this is all he wants. He lives for the military. But all I wanted was my husband, kids, and our own home...and i got it!!  So there were a pluses to moving for me....I would move a hundred times if I had to...He is my soul mate!!!

hisbabygurl hisbabygurl
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2009

oooorah hisbabygurl!!! you did it for your man

So you just "JUST" moved??? I moved so my husband could do a carpentry apprenticship a year ago .....and its a horrible secluded town....have to drive 6 hours to just get to a point where it starts to feel civilizied again....and a year into it, i am in the worst place in my life...I have no family near, they all are 20+ hours away, Ive tried so hard to make friends, but always seem to end right back where i started....its so clicky in small secluded at the point im ready to i hope it works out for you...