Wales to England

When I married my husband I had to move ot England to be with him as he is in the army. Hopefully we'll be moving to Germany next year. I think the change would do us both good. I'm actually really glad I moved as it was the right time in my life to make a fresh start.
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It can change people, everyone is different I guess, it has it's pros and cons liek every job I guess. We have good housing and everything is affordable where as if he had a ragular job we would struggle financially!

wow my daughter's boyfriend is leaving for the airforce in two weeks.<br />
hmmmmm. I'm hoping he never bothers with her again.<br />
I hear the armed force life is kinda crazy and changes people.<br />
Is that true? I think I'd die if he took my daughter away<br />
even tho, she's 20.<br />
haha, <br />
hang in their, woman!!!

Thanks KIK :)

You just hang in there.

No its a mixture of gobbledy gook and welsh!!!!<br />
Diolch yn fawr.