Something I Always Wanted to Do

I moved to my dads house a little over 3 months ago. My mom lives in Louisiana and my dad lives in Michigan. But moving to my dads was something ive wanted to do for many years now. Not because things were bad at my moms, but i would only get to see my dad during the summers. All he did was hear about me growing up, he never go to see. But leaving my moms was one of the hardest things i think i ever did. I have 3 youger brothers that still live with her. But they know i love them and miss them, and i make sure to talk to them at least once a week. But there was a little trouble before i moved up here. My mom and a few other family members thought i just wanted to move up here for a girl. Which is completly untrue. lol i bearly even talk to her anymore. And noting happined between us sence ive been up here and nothing will. I just wish i could make my family see that. I have one brother that lives in florda that wants me to move over there, then my mom and another brother of mine in louisiana always say some little comment to me "well if i was still down there", and it just agrvates me. I moved up because thats what i wanted to do. It was only my deshion and my deshion alone. Why cant people come to live with that?
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As a mom that has told her daughter she can choose which parent she wishes to live with when she's 12(she's soon to be 10) I can tell you why you're getting some grief from your mom. She's a bit jealous and/or concerned. She feels like she's done the majority of your raising, probably has a way of raising you that Dear Ol Dad won't, and she wants to keep some of that control of raising on you. From Dad's house she can't. Plus, we wonder if our child has picked Dad because he's funner, more patient, and well... you just like HIM better. Even moms with best intentions have probs. with this cause we rule with our hearts; sometimes not our heads. Be possitive with MOM and assure her you still love her too! If other relatives aren't liking the move then maybe they see problems brewing between you and your father, or living probs. that you just don't forsee yet. Good luck on your move!