80s And 90s Action Hero's

thinking of life passing in the blink of an eye remembering as I watched a action film, during the 80s and early 90s this genre was my absolute favourite type, upto to a ceratin age that I won't name daydreaming about being the hero, copying scenes in my head I lost count of the times I said to people " come with me if you want to live " laughing about this now makes me think of how carefree life was in the golden age of my life, sacrilege you say, I know I'm only 32.

To me the "golden years" started when school ended, films are a massive part of my life i watch them to much but the genre of action has gone generic to me, do you remember when you would be so excited about the new Arnie or sylvester film weeks of anitcipation until it came to the video shop or if you were lucky enough to watch it on the big screen, which didn't really happen when I was young, the first film i remember seeing at the cinema was Superman and it was abosutely fricking fantastic I was transfixed watching my parents with all these people staring not taking their eyes away from the creation laid out before them, here's hoping the new remake does it justice.

Back to my point, I cannot for the life of me think of an outstanding action moive hardman that would make me drag myself to the big screen, Jason Statham is a great action actor but lacks charisma, Dwayne " the rock " Johnson has great screen presence but let's face it oscar worthy I think not. The fact that for me in the 80s and 90s the best " actor " out of all of the hardmen obviously wasn't Arnie or Chuck but was a toss up between Sylvester and Lundgren yes i said it Lundgren who was pretty good in the original punisher film which is and always will be underrated. Obviously becasue of Rocky and I stress this Rambo the first one, Sly was for me the better actor. Jean claude to me is a legend for bloodsport, kickboxer and various other films and is a different subject all together to me !

I could go on for hours about films having a collection of over 500 dvds / blu-rays, I have intense pride in this even to the point of having them in Genre order and some in actors, This blog was written because again I am bored but also becasue I think i just wanted to see something different in this section of the site, also to show that blogs can have content !
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I love all of the actors you depicted and Jason Statham need only remove his shirt for my eyes to glaze over as I watch him kick a lot of bad guys ***. Although you didn't mention him, I think Jackie Chan rocks in action movies, being an original stunt master, and he's hella funny. ;)

Martial art actors is a completely different subject lol, i could go for hours about them lol !