Never Let Me Go ....

Rarely have I watched a movie where I cannot take my eyes of the screen, the love triangle in this film is heart breaking, born clones, raised from children and schooled to donate their organs to " normal people " as a break through in science, a journey of discovery to find what they had pinned their hopes on was but all a dream and a story made up from a young age in schools they were nutured in. The kind of stories you heard about other schools when you were young along the rumour mill.

The relationships between the characters moves from spite and love to emapthy with each other to elation that brings them back together as the choice of one person to look after her friends or clones through their ordeal, being a clone themselves having to watch her 2 best friends die to save others,

The use of music is astounding it's hard to describe but it captivates and moves the story along, a set number of donations untill they die, look out for the heart rending scene when the couple you are rooting for get together to find their is no rule to give you extra time to be together, as one watches the other as his heart is taken for donation a brilliant scene which Ii have to say made me teary.
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Thanks, I will look for it.

No are you sure this isn't the movie with Scarlett Johanson on it called "The Island" because it sounds very similar. In the Island there is and Island with a bunch of clones used for harvesting organs/donating blood needed for those whose clones they were made for. Oblivious to this 2 of the clones figure out what they are doing and try and escape the island. You should see it if you haven't (sorry if I spoiled it for you at all)

Lol no its a movie written by Kazuo Ishiguro, who also wrote remains of the day.

Is this the movie with Kiera Knightley? I picked it up in the video store yesterday and it sounded the same. I wasn't sure if it would be any good. If it is, let me know, and i'll rent it. Thanks.

It's written by the same guy that did remains of the day, Kazuo Ishiguro, if it's any good lol my review above says it was excellent :) indeed it does have Keira knightly in it :)

Cool! Funny that i just saw it in the shop. I must be meant to watch it eh. I watched Red Dog the other day, which is an Australian film. Normally I don't like Aussie movies, but after the initial shock of the Aussie accent and mannerisms,(Ugh) I got into it, and loved it. ;-) True story and sad, but inspiring as well. Not knocking Aussies....I am one, but I cringe when i hear our accents and see that stereotypical portrayal of Australians!! Still, an excellent movie.