They love bomb u into believing you found your perfect soulmate. They are everything you ever wishes for and hoped for. They are mirrors to your feeling and emotions but they are shallow hollow and empty. I am learning about the signs I could have noticed. I had rose colored glasses on. I thought she was the one. Boy was I wrong but it's so hard to get over that fantasy and realize that woman never really existed outside my mind.
imrubrokenhearted imrubrokenhearted
46-50, F
1 Response Aug 29, 2014

I am that person, I was that person that made someone believe that I was everything that they'd hoped for & wanted. I really genuinely wanted to be that person for them, but who I am & what I am got in the way of that. She saw my flaws & called them out, everything being so true I retaliated with anger & hurtful things. I know who I am & what I am, I wish I were different but I don't think I'll change.