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Soooo, I made this little group because I love music and short film. Its a little more than that though. As a kid, I was left alone to my own devices quite a bit. My sister is six years older and was busy trying to be the most popular girl in town. My 8 year old *** was not welcome. Understandable now, not so much then. I executed my revenge by entering her forbidden realm and ******* with all her stuff. Cuz ya know, thats the ultimate way to **** with an older sibling. *evil grin* I played her stereo, rummaging through all her cassettes(Remember those?!), laying on her bed, staring at her posters of various rock bands and teenage heartthrobs(didnt care too much for the heartthrobs).

There was one more thing though, one more thing that made her bedroom oh so enticing. Tv, and not just tv my friends, cable tv. And that meant MTV. I regret to inform you, music loving youth of today, that MTV has forsaken you. Their appreciation for music has died and now resides somewhere in corporate hell. There was a time when MTV aired music videos and nothing but music videos. It was mostly mainstream crap but there were great shows like Yo MTV Raps, Head Bangers Ball and my personal favorite 120 Minutes. All three shows, all about music.

On to the point. Basically, MTV was my daddy. For the most part, it was those quirky VJs who brought me up. It was the music and video that was there for me. MTV was the one thing I could always rely on. Music became my world and most cherished friend. So here, I shall carry on the best of MTV's legacy by posting music and nothing but, Muffin style.
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1 Response Jun 16, 2012

awww..i loved this. i had the same situation with my sister too.<br />
<br />
Headbangers Ball!!! <br />
<br />
And you are right about MTV. <br />
Also, i totally appreciate your appreciation for music. :)

Hehe. I know youre passionate about music too. I like to picture you rockin out in your car. I imagine its the cause of most of your driving mishaps. :P

i imagine you are probably right!