Whatever I Do Is A Mistake?

The titile looks little bit funny in some points but I may give a good reason for better understanding, perhaps.
The story is about some nonsense playing big roll to take my decision.
Hope you will find it funny.

Somedays ago on March 21th when I was celebrating my failure in mechanical engineering or crying over this, started to starring all couple of mistakes I had done. I pointed my slow working sometimes it is like a time warm, my focus all are inclined to different zone was a terrific memory for me, It's having some rubbish parts..Hey! It was thinking upon a time parameter related system and considering myself what I don't know stilll but once there a moment when I thought Sir Albert Einstein was a baby in the Physics.
And then Great Laughter...

So during taking the time parameter I questioned why I couldn't be at more than two place at same time and there were some amazing moments;
1. why I'm here for and how I would teach my sister to drive a car at age 13th.
2.In which ways I may support my father in the business..I have to pursue a graduation degree from just the IIM-A ( Top level management institute of the India)!! A holy ****?
( So so Gathering in this art of The responsibilities of fun, yes not really.)

And this are very easy for me as how my friends say.
But where're my mistakes, you also may trying to find out; that's all I'm doing other than doing; Glee a multimeaning sentence:)
Let it to be in a sentence.
All the work I had done except workout are that I'm including into The Mistakes.

With regards

(Bit: Still having an arm of mistakes & arrogance.With a hope of seatbelt to be shaken up by new sets of the parameters. )
mukezation mukezation
18-21, M
Sep 9, 2012