My Little Friend Rip

It was my first love with purity of my soul, when I was studying in primary school. My childhoodness still in me but...alas! Not without that friend.. Yes, today I grew up but there is like a empty spot in my heart. AlThough my friend was a puppy, when my uncle brought it for me.. But those days it was my most energetic and sweet friend. In begging, I used to avoid that pet but after some day, we are like best partners like in business who deal and accomplish everything they want or desire..:) It used to wake me up, I mean my day starts with that.. How deep memories I have, of love and compassion. I was a rude boy in that days and don't know how to love other..
But didn't know after spending couple of one year, I was quite different. I know none of my friends or relative, any other was behind it.. It was that little puppy.. My behaviour was so good that everyone liked friends my family my teachers..
But good moments are never stay with us.. One day he got sick.. He was very slow..that only day it didn't wake me up.. I thought it would be fine after check up and treatment and went my father promised me to take it hospital. But just after my classes my principal called me to go a hospital where that little one was hospitalised..I thought it would be okay and went there quickly and happily but it was no more..I cried very louder... My world has ruined..!!

I couldn't accept it..but that cute guy was no more.. Today I'm 20 but..:(

Yes! I alrealey confessed.
mukezation mukezation
18-21, M
Jan 7, 2013