A Brief History Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Of Father's Day

  On the third Sunday in June every year, millions of families oakley sunglasses cheap across the United States gather together to celebrate one thing in common. This day honors fathers, and male parents in many different forms. As many people think that Father's Day is just a "Hallmark Holiday" created just to compliment Mother's Day as a boom for retailers to market greeting cards and gifts , theres more to this day than that. This is a day that is celebrated in many ways all over the world, however, the history of this day in the United States is like no other. The first official Father's Day in the United States was held July 5,1908 in West Virginia. Grace Golden Clayton suggested to the Pastor of Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South that fathers should be celebrated. This was partly in due to a large mine explosion in Monongah the prior December, which killed several men and fathers. Also, another reason Father's Day is celebrated, is partially because of the creation of Mother's Day oakley sunglasses.
It is also believe that the first official Father's Day was held in Washington on June 19, 1910. Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd was inspired by the idea of Mother's Day, and equally thought that fathers deserved a day of honor as well. The thought first initial Father's Day was held in Spokane, Washington at a YMCA womens oakley sunglasses clearance.The Presidents of the United States were encouraged to adopt this special day as a national holiday. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge recommended that this become a national day of honor and celebration. However, in 1966, President Lyndon Johnson decided that Father's Day will be held on the third Sunday in June. Finally, in 1972, President Richard Nixon officialy recognized Father's Day as a true holiday Fashion news .
Today Father's Day is a huge retail holiday, with mens gifts such as tools, lawncare items, and apparel flying off the shelves womens oakley sunglasses men. Retailers target this day to promote items that appeal to males in general. Often Father's Day is pumped up by retailers, to be the male equivelant to Mother's Day. It is projected that Americans will spend on average 11 billion dollars on gifts alone for this special day.However you choose to celebrate Father's Day this year, and in future years, remember the unique history which made this holiday what it is. Honor your father, and make this day as special as can be. Some traditional Father's Day celebrations in the United States include cook out dinners, barbeques, going out to eat, going fishing, playing ball and many other activities. Some places even promote Father's Day activities to appeal to dads, such as father and son, or father and daughter hikes, dances, fishing tournaments, car shows, basically any activity that would appeal to fathers. Take time to find an activity or plan a special day your father will never forget!. 
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