But Mateus opinion, the German team but now they lack a very aggressive player, not missing a bite Jagged leaders, "the German team is growing, but always seem to lack a bit of luck. Luck is needed , but in FIFA 14 Coins some key games, we feel like the German team missing some key players. previous two World Cup semi-final, we really lack the soul to lead the team to victory. "in fact, this is the time in 1990 as a captain Mateus do things.

So, this German team in the World Cup, who can stand up and be a leader? "Maybe every player is very important, but the team, and I think the leader type of player should be captain Lahm; Muller is also one, he Cheap FIFA 14 Coins can bring positive change to the team; Schweinsteiger also can; include Khedira, maybe in the future he can become a player; there Neuer, goalkeeper position, he also has leadership qualities, but the goalkeeper is still far away from the heart of the stadium. "

Muller is Germany's Messi
In Mateus eyes, three World Cup superstar Lionel Messi, Neymar and C ยท Ronaldo which the strongest? Mateus directly to C Lo excluded, "For me, C Luo performance at the World Cup is not good, so he can be ignored. Messi and Buy FIFA 14 Coins Neymar's strength is very close, which was supported behold ball team will go further, but in general, Macy's strength to Bineimaer strong, he has won four World Footballer Neymar first to reach this height for the job, so I think Messi the best. " FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com
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Aug 18, 2014