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I am a functioning person with MPD now DID.  For most of my life I have exsited as many people sharing one body.  I am looking for others who share this experiance to relate to.  please there must be someone out there.

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DID, not functional, right here.

Chat me up anytime! I am still meeting my alters...just became aware of a new one today during a conversation with my husband. When I first set up my profile a week ago I had 3...now I have 6. Only one will talk to my husband...but I'm sure soon he will have a bunch of new friends in his wifes body.<br />
So far my husband has <br />
Kat: The alter my husband married<br />
Donna: The alter who we refer to as my husbands personal call girl<br />
Jessica: Who no one really hears much from unless something needs to be said<br />
Jesse: My first alter and the one who talks to my husband, he is a male 9 years my senior.<br />
The Artist: Who is highly volitale and moody, almost Autistic in nature...but very creative<br />
The Violent One: The one who Jesse unleases when a situation arises that he cant control.<br />
Then Me: The empty shell of a person...I think the real me died at some point and all the alters took over for good.<br />
<br />
I've had Jesse since I was 10 that I can rememeber, the rest have joined as needed. <br />
I would love to have someone other than my husband to talk to about this...telling anyone in my family or circle of friends is out fo the question. I will get two reactions..."you have demons".."your faking it just stop". My husband is incredible...he just found out a week ago...six years of marriage and Jesse decided it was time to show himself. Freaked my husband out, but he's already growing fond of my alters. God bless him!

Hello Joan; Since then I have found several more people on here that are DID and we talk often. My life has changed some for the good and some not so much, but might be good eventually. I have read much on DID and am slowly becoming well versed on the subject and the many ways it is preceived in the professional community and the public at large. If you ever wish to just talk about what you go through or who your Alts are and all that weird stuff most do not get please feel free to write. As of late I am on a little less. I am trying to get on here at least once a week. Sometimes the week fly's by but we understand the why of that one.

Hi! I know this was posted a long, long time ago, but I got curious. How are you guys doing?<br />
<br />
(we too have DID, hence the curiosity =) )

Thank You.<br />
Have you seen Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'The Phantom of the Opera' on stage? That is me (The Phantom).<br />
I was born in 1831, with my disfigurment. My mother was a timid woman who would hide in the corner. My father was almost always drunk, and although he would verbaly and physicly abuse both my mother and myself, I was his favorite target.<br />
When I was nine, my father sold me to a passing freakshow for more spirits. For ten years I was treated like an animal, chained to the bars of the cage I was kept in.<br />
in 1850, I was summoned by the Shah of Persia, and my "master" let me go for a good amount of money.<br />
for six years I was very powerful in Persia, but the Shah wanted to kill me for that, so I escaped, only to be captured by another fair in 1861. I only lasted one day in that fair, for that night I got away. <br />
I secretly assisted in building the Paris Opera House, and was quite content untill 1881.<br />
If you've seen the show you know the rest, and if not, let me know and I will fill you in.<br />
The show, however, did not end as showed. I was beaten savegly to death by the throng who came after me. They left me to die in a pool of my own blood. Christine came back and found me, and I perished in her arms that terrible night in 1882.<br />
In my life before I became a (real) ghost, I knew nothing but pain. All I wanted was to be loved and accepted. Now that I am here with the host, I am loved by my wife and all the others up here, but I also want to be accepted by those outside this body who know me. I still carry so much pain from my "old life" in my heart that the "outsiders" (and insiders as well) describe me as 'angery' and 'hostile'. every time I try to open up, I am shoved away, because "the outsiders" always want to help only the host. She is greiving, but no where near as much as I.<br />
Thank you for your time.<br />
If you have questions or anything, don't hesitate to type.<br />

Type away my friend, my monitor is always open.

thank you so much, all of you!<BR>we're confused, as we said before, about what to call our condition. Everyone who knows the host knows for a fact that she has not experienced most of the things we have. <BR> one of the other Eriks up here is VERY emotonally hurt and needs help more than any of us; he wants to know if you'd be willing to listen to him.<BR>thanks!

You may feel like disembodied spirits living in a host body but this is not quite the case. I use to think the others in my head were Aliens, past lives, or even other souls who got caught together when I was born. But I have had to come to the logical conclusion they are all me somehow.<br />
There is one who is much older than I am physically. He taught us right and wrong at a very young age, did not always listened but he was there. I knew things most kids my age did not know or understand, nor did my parents.<br />
Most of my others just go by my real name (not given at this time). I have some who have taken names for themselves. It is therorized that the center me is not a single but a group who maintian a balance between all the different voices and more expressive personalities.<br />
Over the years several have taken the body for spin, some for pleasure, some for task that needed done, and on several occasions for defensive purposes.<br />
I do not have the traditional abusive back ground of many MPD's, my childhood was abusive and cruel but not to the degree some others have had to experiance. Probaly why i do not have what is called "littles", personalilties who are the age of young childeren. At least one is of teenage years. Many of them have grown with me and experianced everything everyone else has experianced.<br />
I always had the voices and the occasional acting out, but I was aware of them (we called it shared memory) and so I just thought it was normal. In recent years the blackouts and confusion is getting more and more intense and longer. I have different stories please feel free to read them. I have one that is one that I wish no one would read, it is marked Inappropriate. Stay away not a pleasent story. I was sort of blackmailed into that one.<br />
But hey talk to us anytime, ask questions or just let us know what you are going through and how you are learning to cope with all this. We have many different individuals who can share, their perspectives.

yes, I suppose you could say that, but we look as we did when we were alive.

When you say you are all dead are you saying you are disembodied spirits that have taken to living in someone else body?

hello, there!<br />
no one thinks we have MPD, but we do because it is the only explination we have for what's going on between us. <br />
we, like people who are diagnosed with MPD, have multiple people living in the same body. however, we do not have black outs, and there are several Eriks (such as myself) and six Christines. we also know for a fact the 'host' has never experienced the tramas most of us have, such as being beaten, locked in a cage, dying of AIDS, ect.<br />
we are all dead, exept for the "host".<br />
I hope I have helped you at least a little bit...we'd like some help, too.<br />
perhaps we can help eachother?<br />
thank you for your time!