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Ok yall here goes;
 I have always had many voices in my head some would act out to help in stressful situations.  I started when I was very young I do not know when the first was, I have always been ok playing by myself. 
I know I have at least one female her name is Brenda and been around at least since 5th-6th grade. 
Chula who is like a protector and prankster can be very violent, total manifistation when I was in 7th grade during a fight.  I blacked out he took over and I did not come back till I was in the principles office with no memory of what happened.
Bi-ran who is very sexuall and playful, very feminin, likes to dress up.
Abuser do not like to talk about just that he is.
the Intellects those guys who think all the time about everything, love new information and can use it.
Texan my theripist has met him, likes whiskey and Steaks
Sucidals They just want it all over, even though I have made specific rules of sucide (degreed when I was in 7th grade) I have had one almost succesful attempt.
Travis my theripist has met him, a young 13-15 year old boy who is shy.
Driver his job is drive when I am unable, very handy guy to have has saved me many times.
I know there are many more a few who I can not understand they speak a different language than I do.  I usally hear them while I am sleeping because I wake up and hear them.
Some one will while I am sleeping grab my feet I can physically feel this and the sentation stays after I wake up, so it feels very real.
So there so far is the rogues gallery, some I know and others my therepist knows and I do not.

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Yes I am seeing a Psyciatrist for meds and a psycologist for therapy. It is helping me to undestand what I have been dealing with all my life and how to cope with it now.<br />
Everyone has different personallities they use in different situations home, work, social, church, inlaws. But those of us with DID or MPD (they are the same just different names) have taken this to a whole new level. These seperate parts of us become thier own individuals inside of one person. Many people with DID are diagnosed with schizophrenia and later discovered that is not. <br />
I am not sure who wrote the above statement it looks ok and accurate but the wording is different. Maybe the Texan or someone like him. There are many in my head that I am not sure who they are. I have gone back over many things that I have written just to keep up with me. Yes it is strange to me to.

Who were you while writing this story by the way?

Interesting...I don't know a lot about this disorder, but I've studied it a tiny bit. From what I understood, you ARE the can't HEAR them as separate entities. I thought hearing other voices was schizophrenia. But I do know that if you get it diagnosed and treated, your personalities can meet each other, and if they get along, they can finally mesh together and become one you. Have you ever thought about getting treatment?<br />
<br />
By the way, I like Texan :-)