My Mum Has Passed Away From Cancer And It Is If My Dad Does Not Care

Well we had your typical normal family I guess two sisters brother and I. Dad was the bread earner mum was the spender. They were not rich by any means they worked hard and paid for things as they required. Dont know how they succeeded when you look at the cost off living.

Dad worked away alot so our mother was the the tough one.....

2010 our mother was hospitalised and they could not find what was wrong. by 2011 the results had come in at it was Cancer. I went through its going to be right mum will win this.... Not to be by 03.01.12 mums fight was over.

The cancer divided our family up. My sister and Dad wanted mum to admit she had cancer. As for my older sister and I we decided to give our mum what ever she wanted it brought us heaps off laughter and tears as well as arguments.

Our mother turned away from everyone including our dad and in the last year My sister and I took care off mum and life carried on. Although mum struggled to keep up with the normal act on the phone and out and about both My sister and I saw everthing go down hill.

My poor brother in law do not know how he coped to have his house taken over by a sister in law he did not get on with and a mother in law from hell but we all lived.

It made me and my sister stronger and ready to face the world so we thought. But when the doctor told us there was not hope. It was really disgusting that only 2 out off 4 people were in hospital with her.

I can accpet she is in a better place. Not a day has gone by where I do not think off her. Our dad started dating well before the year was up I say selfish bastard...... and even wanted to bring her to our first christmas without mum.... and our family day on mums day

I miss my mum did not relise how much she protected us from dads selfish ways....

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Jan 18, 2013