The Truth About The Murder Of Meredith Kercher By Amanda Knox

This is what actually occurred on that night November 1st 2007, in Perugia Italy.

Meredith Kercher arrived home just after 9pm, she went to her room to study and was home alone at that time. Amanda Knox arrived home with an as yet unidentified man and Rudy Guede. Amanda and the unidentified man went to Amandas room to have sex, Meredith complained about this as Amanda had a boyfriend who was Rafaellle Sollecito, Meredith thought this was a bad moral choice for Amanda and let her no in no un-certain terms, she was also mad about Amanda bringing home strange men as well as Meredith was missing some money and blamed Amanda. This led to a very heated argument between Amanda and Meredith during which Amanda let Meredith know how much she hated her for her believed holier than thou character. This argument turned nasty and Amanda urged Rudy and the other man to have sex with Meredith, Meredith resisted and knives were produced by Amanda and maybe the other man, Rudy had Meredith s pants off and was sexually assaulting her with his hand, for whatever reason Rudy had to go to the toilet and while he was in there Amanda and/or the other man fatally stabbed Meredith after screamed as they were attempting to force her to have sex. Rudy ran out of the Toilet and came across Amanda and the other man making their escape, their was a heated exchange during which the other man threatened Rudy with the knife and told him that if he says anything he will get the blame as he is a Black man "Black man found, Culprit found". Rudy tried to staunch the bleeding with towels but it became apparent that this was not working and he then made the decision to escape, understanding that he had already violated Meredith and would not escape blame. Later Amanda and the other man ran from the scene and parted ways immediately, they were not long term acquaintances and the unidentified man left the scene never to be mentioned again by any party. Amanda then went to Rafaelles house and confessed everything but sanitizing her actual role but at the same time stating how she will be believed guilty, Rafaellle and Amanda then went back to the house and staged a break in and cleaned up the scene as best as they could and developed their alibis. They stuck to these until Rafaellle decided to break from it and admit that Amanda had left his company that night. What likely occurred is that Amanda received the text from Patrick and that she did not have to work that night but instead of telling Rafaellle she went and met another man, the UN-identified man, either that or Rafaelle and Amanda had an argument, this explains why they had both turned off their phones, so to not allow the other to contact them. It is very likely that Rafaellle and Amanda had an open relationship on Amanda's part and this led to the argument, however rafaelle was besotted with Amanda and could not bear to part with her and also helped her with her alibi. This is the connection they had, have and maintained. Amanda blamed Patrick as it fit well and as it was one balck man she was substituting for another it all fit well, until Patrick had an unshakeable alibi, or Amanda would have left Patrick to take the blame for something he had no part in. Rudy was easily a rapist but not a killer, thus he tried to help Meredith at first but he had to stick to his story or as he could not allow the fact that he had sexually violated the now dead girl to come out or he would have garnered no sympathy, like he has done. Amanda and Rafaelle They cleaned all surfaces so well that even thou Amanda lived there, none of her prints were found anywhere. But when Luminol was added afterwards Blood stained footprints of Amanda and Rafaelles were found through the house. They then went back to Rafaelles and thoroughly cleaned the murder weapon with bleach , this was found to have a great many fine scrapings on it that no other knife in the house had, indicating a furious attempt to rid it of forensic evidence, they could not discard the knife as a housekeeper kept an inventory of all knives in the house. Amanda and Merdeiths DNA were found on the knife, despite Meredith never having visited Rafaelles house. The stagedĀ  break-in was from the window that any burglar would least try, clearly visible and very high up, that defense teams people couldn't enter through when they tried to stage how it was possible during the trial. The flatmates room where the staged break in was, had a heap of clothes thrown around the room, as an act of staging the break-in, however they had thrown the clothes around first and hence the broken glass was on top of the clothes and not under as should have been. Most extraordinarily of their attempt was that nothing was taken despite laptops and designer gear being in plain sight. Police then came and looked at the scene, there was extremely vast discrepancies between Amanda and Rafaelles versions of what they did that night, and they kept changing, Amanda then blamed a black man, her boss of committing the murder while she was in the kitchen at the house, this man was then arrested until iron clad alibis from amongst others a foreign university professor, that he had been at his bar the whole night, he was released and Amanda was found guilty of Intentionally accusing and innocent man, so to deflect from herself. Rudy was found guilty first, that he committed the crime with the help of the other two, Rudy did not ever explain the whole night and point the finger amanda for this reason, he had sexually assaulted Meredith, but in his story the sex was consensual and they had been interrupted by Amanda , Rudy could not afford to have the other two explain how he sexually assaulted and attempted to rape the innocent slain girl and thus reducing him to a wretched swine who would suffer great hardship, instead his story has garnered empathy from many as the only one of the three who tried to help. Amanda and Rafaelle were found to be obviously guilty but through a range of political and social reasons they were exonerated on appeal, thou the prosecution is currently attempting to have this reversed once more.
Some points
-The break-in was obviously staged, would only have been done by someone who lived there who had committed the crime, so to deflect attention
-Immediately after the discovery of Meredith's body Amanda and Rafaellle spent the time kissing and being very intimate and joking and laughing, while all others were crying and shocked
-While waiting to be inter viewed Amanda was doing cart wheels in the waiting corridor
--No girl in their right mind would walk into a flat that had the front door wide open when it should have been closed, would take a shower without checking the house , would take a shower amongst various blood splatters within the shower, as Amanda said she did
-Amanda rang her mother at 3am Seattle time on the morning after the murder, never having done so before and before Meredith was discovered
-Amanda stated immediate after Meredith s body was found behind her locked door, that Meredith died a horrible death through a slow bleeding to death, thou she had not seen the body after discovery and no-one had said this, thou this was exactly what had happened.
-When found by Police unexpectedly, Amanda and Rafaelle were outside the murder cottage holding a Mop and Bucket, they said they were going to fix a mess resulting from a broken tap inĀ  Rafaelles apartment, no such broken tap was found.

The evidence is enormous and this is but a snippet, Amanda played the American media and her family only released a sanitized version of events thus creating a "lets get our poor Angelic girl home " thinking.
Anyone who truly looks at it then it is obvious and ridiculous how they are not currently rotting in prison. Amanda broke down in tears when shown the knives by the way, and would frequently cover her ears sub-consciously when asked about Meredith s scream or hearing it mentioned in court.

Amanda has a cracked mind, where all that matters is her own survival, not purely a narcissistic mind, but more a psychopathic mind, one that can fracture easily and also come back together just as easily, depending on what is needed for the environment she finds herself. She was the ring-leader

-Rafaellle was a disturbed weak individual who had many fantasies about being a stronger anti-hero, he also had a very rich family which enabled him to lead a life where he came to expect that no matter what, everything would be sorted out
The death was a spontaneous opportunity to act this out
Rafaellle and Amanda stayed together on their stories for the most part due to Rafaelles devotion and blind love for Amanda

Rudy was a drug taker and man going no where fast who has had a bad childhood, he was not evil like the other two, more a "ill do what the hell i want" type. He was an easy rapist but not a murderer, he was there at the time and went along with it without realizing what would occur, once it did he then had no choice but to lie about it and not implicate the other two, at first.

The death of Meredith was not per-mediatated, clearly understood by the lack of fore-sight and preparation were it so, it was a result of an alignment of both wretched evil forces and opportunistic circumstances that led to her death

R.I.P Meredith Kercher

There is still an unidentified man who was there that night who has never been identified, Rafaelle was not there, any dna evidence he left was done so during the clean up and staged break in.
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A man who lived in Perugia at the time of the murder told me this story. I believe it was either him or someone he knew who was the unidentified man. He would have been 24 years old at that time. He just knew too much about the situation to have been lying or making it up. I was working in a bar in London and he told me this while he was drinking late one night. he explained it all in a matter of fact way and not in a 'trying to persuade me/prove to me way