The valley's sleeping like a bastard,
It stinks of slumber and disaster
I'm Walking along a rocky path,
On a night so dark in the waning
A dark obscured by slight sky raining,
Me-Drenched wet.
Him-Wide eyed in the dark and on guard.
The moons faint light upon the two of us
And him smiling
That smile once more
A smile,
Me-wanting more

He told me to
Look up at the sky
Dark Clouds stretching out
Like fearless wings

It was all laughs
And smiles for a while
Knowing looks and books
And poetry lines

He said I looked
Like that Disney girl
Red lips
Poison Apple
And it looks like he wants mine-
Forbidden as it is,
As hidebound as he is.

And vigilant, yes!
He calls me Odyne
After the Greek goddess
Of pain
I think he is beautiful,
I think he's insane.

I am Spitfire, cleavers and knives,
Dark symphonies and forbidden love
Perhaps that is what
Got him entranced
Like I said, he's insane.

I told him to keep his distance
I told him It is a bad idea
To be sucked into this
Blood lust world of mine

Smile at me
And I'm giddy
Pass me notes
And I'm dizzy
he fought me
& Told me
To look up at the sky
Dark Clouds stretching out
Like fearless wings
He has No doubts
But that boy's inane.

And I remember,
I remember he was like Icarus
And I was the Sun
We're two burning lovers
Just Having some fun
But if he stands too close
We know where it goes-
He'll fall,
He'll burn.
& He'd hate me for it
I'd hate me for it.

But maybe,
Just maybe he's my Phoenix,
Could he bathe in my fire
Only to rise again?
I Doubt it.
But then again, that boy's insane.
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26-30, F
3 Responses Aug 30, 2014

After reading this I had to look away and let my mind float down. I went over it again twice and was still struck by the ease and calm that I read into it. I haven't been here for a while, my mind has been muddled in a fog lately. I feel like the person here: a bit weighted down, but along side a person who brings along extra strength to help the going. And all around magnificent things are happening in the sky and on the ground, but they too are a part of me/you that are parts of a whole other story.
I'm going to catch up on the other one(s) you have written that I have missed and hope I get back to me, the real me:)

First off, You're ******* stunning. Absolutely beautiful, I'm sure you get that a lot but I just had to say that. & As for your writing, it's so well rounded & fluid, I love everything you have written. Brains & beauty, you are a rarity my dear.

gawd DAMN this is probably in the top 5 most beautiful poems i have everrr encountered on ep!!