After a morning of criticism and attack its finaly nite and your basterd dad is going to work.your sisters out with her boyfriend.so wat are you guna do tonite icis.your ipod is fully charged with powerful inspiring songs.you can listen to "breathe today"or missing"or" I hate everything about you" wait no.....that wudnt do any good.so" missing" it is I put the headphones in my ears and scroll thru all the songs until I find "missing"I put the volume on full blast and close my eyes and sing along quietly with laceys beautiful voice. As tears fill my eyes and imagine mom is home and not drunk and dad is hugging me with a smile on his face and your sister is here with a nice guy and not the one that beats her."Its ok". Lacey sings.and suddenly it is ok.my eyes are dry and my wounds are healed.
Queenicis Queenicis
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 5, 2010

I feel this way right now!