The Music I Love...

I guess you could say I can relate to the cliche hipster concept of thy love for music.. firstly, it begins with discovering an artist on my own. I don't know what it is.. well, maybe I do - it's being able to enjoy something without anybody's influence. To dig and dig through all this mediocrity and finally find something that toots my horn is such a rewarding feeling. you know?

I was born in 1986. For a reason that is maybe not so completely unknown, I love 80s music or music influenced from that time. I love it all, but especially the sounds of the 80s. Reverb guitar, Reverb synth, "cool" vocals... ahhhh, so peaceful and fulfilling. My parents didn't listen to much back in the day, but I do remember rummaging though a couple briefcases slotted with cassettes - I think I can remember a culture club tape, maybe an eagles tape.. pretty vague memory.. but I remember going through them all and rocking out.

I would say that the fondest memories of my childhood revolve around music! My friends and I would put on huey lewis and the news and wear under shirts and pants and dance around in the living room. bunch of weirdo kids we were haha, but I remember having so much fun. or playing classic rock (boston - more than a feeling still brings tears to my eyes) and playing air band dreaming about the day when we could start a real one.

I play music. I record it. I collect it. I will listen to anything from dream pop to technical death metal... but it has to be good! to me!

I have yet to find people that share the same quirky tastes as me. If I were to meet a woman who shared my interest in music, and movies (that's another story), then I may just go ahead and fall in love..

I appreciate the fact that there is a medium, such as music, that really evokes such a wide array of emotions in a real simple way. It's like a way of communicating, universally, that brings our souls together and to a higher level or something. I'm all for the dreamy, euphoric stuff the most. I respect all tastes, but this is mine... well maybe not that commercial crap (you know what i'm talking about).

jdiz60 jdiz60
26-30, M
Sep 12, 2012