Muslim Gay Looking For Muslim Lesbian To Get Married

I am a 27 years old pakistani gay living in europe. Coz of my family pressure i have to marry so i am looking for a muslim lesbian in europe.
BTW my european visa is soon going to expire as well. if anyone interested please let me know.

please dont tell me that i should live the way i want etc etc... as most of people dont know pakistani culture so please.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

Hi There

Hope you are doing good.

I am a straight Muslim girl living in Europe. I am currently working in fashion. My parents are very orthodox Muslim and are very adamant in marrying me to a Muslim boy. My parents are well settled here and well educated .

I am not interested in marriage at the moment as I am in love with a non Muslim which they do not approve of.

I am looking for a social coverage to be in a relationship of mutual contract for a few years. We would not need to get married but just prove to parents that we are in a relationship.

I do not know if this could be a possibility with you but this could be the first step to may be a contract marriage in the future as well if need arises. We can definitely discuss expenses if any as time comes.

I would like to know if you are in a relationship? Do you have any needs of social converge and how we can mutually help each other out.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.If you want , we can talk to each other on phone only if you are interested .

Take care .
Salam alaikum