1st Day 3rd Month-daily Ritual To A Healthy And Happy Life

Last few days were very busy and had gums and tooth pain.My dentures don't really fit.Eating soft diet and having diaarhea.My digestion went haywired.Could really sleep last night.Remembered praying or dreaming of praying.So much happenings so close to my vacation.Today got up feeling lousy.Philip brought me put for breakfast.Had fish porridge cause tooth hurts.Philip tried to make me feel better by buying a comedy talk show.Unfortunately his friend called him out and i felt angry.We were suppose to watch it and color our hair at the same time.He has prepared lunch but he ate with his friend and i have to cook for myself.I started to cry.Then i realised i did not take my depression tablets last night.I also allowed stress to build up because of too much activites last minute.I forgot i am still not ready.I have to be cautious and positive no matter what.This shows how easily our happiness and time can be stolen.I am feeling so much better after writing my story.
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5 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Tanks dear friend for dropping by.Hugs and Peace.

it Does feel good to write it out! i sure hope you feel better... big hugs!

Stress can do much harm,glad you feel better!Pray is the key!

You are getting excited and wishing you were on vacation already, take your time and savour the feeling friend.. bless you...S

I am glad i did and am blessed with the awareness.Thanks.Have a blessed day.