Visiting Unannounced

I moved into my partners house about 7 years ago... She's lived here all her life. When her mother was alive, friends and family walked in without calling first, knocking or ringing the doorbell.
I have never lived that way and I feel it is disrespectful for others to come unannounced and without knocking...I get really upset and she doesn't care to respect my wishes...

Zoey333 Zoey333
1 Response Feb 11, 2013

What worked for me was to start wearing a wife beater T shirt and boxers when I was home. The kids were teenagers and started thinking that they could have their friends over at any time. They didn't want their friends to see their dad in boxers so they arranged visits at home or went to their friends house.We lived too far away for family to show up unannounced. Friends did sometimes but it never became an issue, they always knocked.