Why Am I Undesirable?

No one stops and says "I wonder how she's doing, I think I'll call or text her". NOPE. I feel I am an attractive woman and smart. I'm 34 and I have always felt the same way as you do or did. Stupid thoughts creep into my head that I have to shake off. My husband left me over a month ago, with bills, and all kinds of other stuff. He moved out in two days. TWO DAYS!! I won't date outside my race (no real reason just don't feel comfortable meeting the parents and having them feel she don't belong in our family) I don't want another older man... I am pretty sufficient when it comes to fixing things on my own (cause that's all I have is me)... I just don't understand when will it be my turn to be cared for as much as I care for others. I HATE THIS SO MUCH, IT HURTS SO MUCH!!! No friends, no man, no family that gives two sh--s about me. WHY??? I just wish I knew, I just didn't want you to think you were the only person out there that was feeling that way.
justagal213 justagal213
1 Response May 25, 2012

You're not the only one.