Can't Figure It Out...

...I don't know where I belong...I feel lost and out of place even with my good friends...I can't stand most of my family and...I just feel depressed a lot because of it...not so depressed that I willfully hurt myself but I just feel drained all the time...the worst part is, when I even think about telling a friend about this I just feel like I would be burdening them and putting them in an awkward position...I try to be a good friend and I try to make people happy because that's the only thing that makes me happy...but it doesn't help when I'm by myself locked in my house...I'm so alone...I don't know what to do...I wish I had someone who could help me through this...but...for some reason every time I do have some one who will listen to me I screw it up...I think I have trust issues...I don't know...

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2 Responses Jan 25, 2010

Thanks Chiarana, Next time I need to talk about something I'll send you a message, probably end up posting it too. But yeah I won't self harm, it just seems like a week distraction to me. I just want to deal with these kinds of things and get them over with. Again thanks for the comment and support.

I understand this completely.. iv felt the same beofer... still do alot of the time.. whatever you do tho dont self harm.. it can get addicting.. it sounds like you might have trust issues but thats not necessarily a bad thing.. plenty of people have trust issues in this situation and feel as though they'll just be a burden.. if you want you can takl to me more about it just msg me ill be happy to listen.