Worried To Death

It was two months ago when I decided that I needed to file bankruptcy. I have been struggling with this decision because I have no one to talk to about it. Even my partner makes me feel ashamed about my situation. That I am cheating the system but he has never had to worry about money. I am in my late twenties and can honestly say I never saw this day coming. About three years ago I had a good job a wonderful car I was leasing and not a lot of money in the bank but I was never late on my payments. My situation changed very quickly over the next two years. I lost my job but got a new one making a fourth of what I use to. I even tried working nights bar tending to try to stay afloat. But the 70 hrs a week was killing me. I returned my car and told them I couldn't afford it. They still want $9,000 for overage miles and breaking a lease. My medical and credit card debit was leaving me with very little to live off of. So finally I decided that I would rather have food in my fridge. I talked to a lawyer and he said it takes six months. I'm very nervous. They told me to stop making payments on everything because at this point it won't make a difference. He told me I would be filing Chapter 7. I'm scared that after this six months I won't qualify or something. Or maybe they will look back four years ago on my credit card and say well you shouldn't have been charging this or that! I'm curious what they ask you in bankruptcy court. I feel so ashamed. I'm scared because I'm not 200,000 in debt and I don't have five children to feed. I need some different prospectives. The only good thing is my phone got turned off so at least now my stomach doesn't feel ill every time they call and I have to tell them I can't pay. Not really:(

fairywings2010 fairywings2010
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2010