I Must

when i was in high school i knew this boy Ruben. he was older than me by a year but he seemed so sweet and much smaller than the other seniors. he was dying of a disease i forgot the name of. he was so sweet and not mentally challenged in the since that he didnt understand things. i saw him as very smart. he understood what he would go through and really i couldnt find anything mentally wrong with him but... he was so happy. he was very happy. his mother had the disease and she, from my knowledge, was confined to a bed for the rest of her life. that she lived longer than was expected. Ruben had a brother younger than i, but his brother was of normal health. i found out Ruben isnt expected to live past his 20s and he understood that but his mother was an exception. this boy was so happy and he had a trade mark that everyone knew, even after he graduated people still did it and thought of him. he would always put his fist in the air and thats it, sometimes hed say something but all i can remember is a smile on his face with his fist held high enough over his head that he was on his toes of his pointed foot. he would always have that same grin on his face. lmao i remember when i first met him and he creeped me out. i was speaking to someone and all of a sudden someones arms where around me from behind. i turned my head a fraction to my left and his chin was on my shoulder smiling up at me. he was hugging me, and without letting go he said hi, that his name was Ruben. i said hi back but he never let go. he held me for a few minutes even after the bell rang but once he let go he said bye and put his fist in the air. lmao i miss that kid. he was so friendly and not an evil bone in his body.

for all i know hes still out there living his life, "rocking on" so i must do the same *fist in air* rock on peeps

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

aww, thats all most people need in live. is that same spirit.

I'm glad you said to read this. I like it.<br />
I was recently remembering a special someone from my past too.<br />
His name was Buster and he had a spirit, larger than life, just like Ruben.