I Wish I Had More

I love art, although I will easily admit that I don't know much about art history.  I don't have great interest in knowing that much about art, only that I have my own appreciation for it, and for me, that is enough. 

Many a time I have wanted to be impulsive with art, wanting to own some magnificent piece (even if it is only a print) that I can display on my walls.  My bank account could not keep up with the things that I wish I could have, and so they remain in the store, or the gallery.  I have purchased a few pieces that I really like, and I have some that still remain unframed.  Most are prints, but a few are originals....even an original of a famous Canadian artist who has an original in the Oval Office.  (I used to take drawing lessons from her when I was in highschool).

I could not imagine my house without art, it would otherwise be stark and grey.  It adds life and colour, and even if I am the only one that appreciates it, I don't mind.  I may not understand the inspiration of the artist, but I know that something moved me to purchase it, and that is reason enough to have it.  I have seen pieces I would have loved to have hanging in my house, but I guess I can't always have what I want. 

I'm still thinking about a piece that I saw at a home show a few months back....it was an original, but sooo expensive.  Maybe if I win a lottery...
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1 Response Apr 15, 2011

I hope I have a great collection sometime! My collection is alright at the moment, but not quite where I would like it to be. I love abstract art the most, something that I can interpret in my own way, which may or may not differ from that of the artist himself. I can make it my own, rather than it merely being a picture of something else...