Music Is My Joy

When i was a little girl i had a fisher price tape recorder that i carried around with me every where.  I owned a few tapes ,a and i loved them dearly. one was "true stories " by the talking heads. another Michael Jackson's " thriller". of course as i grew up my tastes changed. by the time i was in the sixth grade it was guns n roses , aerosmith ,led zeppelin ,and pink Floyd . then in high school it was Jane's addiction ,the pixies , the cure and the smiths. I have continued my pursuit of music that means something to me !  I can not imagine a day going by without  enjoying music.  when I'm happy ,when I'm sad ,when I'm sentimental ,or so angry i could spit , when I'm bored  , there is music for all of it.
kristyp52 kristyp52
31-35, F
Jul 15, 2010